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Summary of the proposals submitted by Cuban Opposition Organizations and civil society regarding foreign policy towards Cuba from the governments and institutions of the Americas.

Frequently cited points​:

In coherence with the articles of the Inter-American Democratic Charter and the values ​​of the community of nations in the hemisphere, we request that the Governments of the Americas support the right of the Cuban people to change the system and live under democracy. Among others, we request that you take the following measures:


  • Demand the release of all Cuban political prisoners and denounce violence and repression committed against Cubans.

  • Invite and promote the participation of independent civil society in all hemispheric institutions and forums.

  • Ban dictators at the Summit of the Americas and prevent their access to loans from the Inter-American Development Bank, until the Cuban state complies with the articles of the Inter-American Charter.

  • Denounce the destabilizing role the Cuban dictatorship has had in several countries of the region and its interference in all international forums, such as the next Ibero-American Summit, Summit of the Americas and the General Assembly of the OAS.

  • Promote humanitarian aid to the Cuban people avoiding any intervention from or benefit to the regime.

  • Punish individually those responsible and accomplices of political and religious repression, and of dictatorial policies in general.}

  • Employ all the tools of the inter-American system - including the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR) - to protect "the common defense and the maintenance of peace and security across the Continent" which is under threat, given the actions of the Havana regime.

Other points mentioned at least once:

  • Speak out publicly in favor of civil society groups in Cuba that fight peacefully for human rights and democracy.

  • Condemn the harassment and repression of civil society in Cuba.

  • Support Cubans on the island so they may live in an inclusive, multiparty and democratic nation “with all and for the good of all.” We do not want Cuba to continue being a nation kidnapped by a power elite that conveniently redefines the concept of national identity based on loyalty to an ideology.

  • Support the establishment of a democratic system in Cuba, through a peaceful transition that resolves the widespread social and political crisis suffered by the people of Cuba as a result of a one-party dictatorship, inflexible and entrenched in a communist ideology, reflected in the imposed Constitution, and exercised not only formally but in practice. Promote, accompany and support the proposal of the "Bases for a Political Reform.”

  • Support the right to send and receive Humanitarian aid directly to the citizens of the Island

  • Impose individual sanctions against the military and members of the State Security. The sanctions must be imposed directly against repressors on an individual basis due to the coercive and inhibitory impact they have.

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