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Summary of the proposals submitted by Cuban Opposition Organizations and civil society regarding foreign policy towards Cuba from the governments and institutions of Europe

Frequently cited points:

Considering the constant serious human rights abuses, the intensification of political repression amid the current humanitarian crisis, the obstruction, and even confiscation, of aid and blocking of humanitarian efforts by members of independent civil society – all exercised by the authorities of the regime – we ask the High Representative for Foreign Affairs, and the member states of the European Union, to activate the protocol for the violation of an “essential element” of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement (PDCA) with the Cuban regime.


Consequently, we request that the implementation of the PDCA be suspended until the government in Cuba takes irrevocable steps towards the recognition of human rights and democratic transition and that the European Union evaluate their progress. These steps should be, at the least:


  1. The release of all political prisoners, and the complete cessation of repression.

  2. Opening a means of sending humanitarian aid as well as eliminating any barrier imposed on efforts to send aid directly to citizens on the Island, along with implementing some economic support for citizens, civil society and the democratic opposition, without government intervention.

  3. Guarantee freedoms of the press, association and demonstration in conjunction with the implementation of political reforms that allow for free, fair and multiparty elections to take place.


The European Union must:


  1. Cooperate with the Cuban opposition and independent civil society, as in any other country and recognize them as valid interlocutors in any approach with Cuba.

  2. Publicly denounce recurring human rights violations and express themselves clearly about the temporary suspension of the agreement as long as the minimum requirements are not met.

  3. Apply the Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime of the Council of the European Union, approved on December 7, 2020, to Cuban individuals and entities responsible for serious violations or abuses of human rights.

Other points mentioned at least once:

The European Union, the governments and the political parties of Europe are asked to:


  • Condition the implementation of the agreement to include guarantees of freedom of the press, association and demonstration, and the implementation of political reforms that allow the holding of free, fair and plural elections. The tool that we propose to legitimize democratic change based on the sovereign and freely expressed will of the Cuban people is the holding of a binding plebiscite on the island.

  • Understand that it is of vital importance to take a position in favor of civil society that peacefully defends its rights and works for the sake of an understanding in the country.

  • Recognize the regime in Cuba as a murderous dictatorship.

  • Understand that Cuban citizens who wish to defend themselves are without defense resources in the face of the authoritarian regime, which transcends the question of ideology.

  • Support a democratic change in Cuba

  • Firmly support, and decisively accompany, Cuban opposition and independent civil society.

  • Issue representatives of the Cuban regime political and financial sanctions.

  • Support the right of Cubans to create independent political parties.

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